Keith’s Wood Floors & Rubio Monocoat

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All the colors of Monocoat Natural Oil Finish produce a complete, extremely durable one-coat finish for wood floors. Monocoat contains no volatile organic compounds, nor does it contain water. It is available in a clear oil finish, called Pure, and in an ever-growing number of colors of pigmented finishes. Monocoat finishes are easily cleaned and repaired. Some products offered from Rubio Monocoat® are:
  • PURE: This is a pigment-free, clear Monocoat Natural Oil Finish which provides all the characteristics of Monocoat without adding any color to the wood.
  • COLORS: All the colors of Monocoat Natural Oil Finishes produce a complete, one-coat surface finish. Colors offered are: Aqua, Biscuit, Black, Charcoal, Cherry, Chocolate, Citrine, Emerald, Gris Belge, Mahogany, Mist, Nature, Oak Dark, Oak Smoked, Oak Olive, Oyster, Paddouck, Pine, Pistachio, Rose, Ruby, Sapphire, Savannah, Smoke 5%, Smoke DC, Smoke Stone, Vanilla, Walnut, White 5%, White Cotton, White.
  • MONOCOAT RAW WOOD CLEANER: Cleans and prepares raw wood floors for application of Monocoat natural oil finishes.
  • MONOCOAT NATURAL CLEANER: Cleans the floor and retains the natural matte finish.
  • SUN PRIMER: Penetrates wood surfaces and protects against UV discoloring.
  • MONOCOAT SATIN CLEANER: Cleans the floor and, if used full strength, adds a satin appearance to the finish.
  • TERRYCLOTH MOP: Fitted with a universal joint, this go-anywhere mop is ideally suited to application of all Monocoat cleaning and maintenance products.
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